Montage: A Proven HTML5 Framework for App Development

Today, I’ll explain why Montage is great for app development. I’ll also touch briefly on Ninja, the HTML5 Authoring tool, and Screening, the automated testing tool. It’s the existence of these two tools that allow me to throw up the word “Proven” in this post’s title. (Also, if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to read yesterday’s post about why Montage is a great solution for Flex developers looking to join the HTML5 world.)

A year ago, I was given a preview by the Motorola Mobility team behind all this great stuff. During that meeting, many things struck my core:

  1. Caliber of the dev team working at Motorola Mobility
  2. Thought process that went into the framework design
  3. Amount of effort/support put into the project
  4. Supporting tools to aid the app developer
  5. Experience from building those tools in Montage

As you’ll see, it was the combination of all these things that softened my hardened heart against the HTML5 technology I was wary of. I was completely surprised at that meeting. I expected something different and thought I’d walk away thinking Motorola didn’t get it. Instead, my experience was quite the opposite. Continue reading “Montage: A Proven HTML5 Framework for App Development”