Tom Ortega II


I like people, I like to teach and I like technology. Hopefully, this translates into some great training resources.

iOS and Montage trainings coming soon!


Enjoy some older trainings I did during my tenure as manager of the Silicon Valley Flex User Group, Silvafug.

Silvafug Training Sessions

NOTE: Some of these sessions feel “raw”(i.e. unprepared) on purpose. I was the first Flex User Group manager to do this type of training and wanted other managers to follow. My hope was some of them would watch the rawer ones and say, “Wow, I can be at least as good, if not better.” 🙂

Series II

Session 1: April 12, 2007
Just the Basics – Flex Builder, MXML, ActionScript and basic programming concepts. This session is good for those coming to Flex from HTML, CF or with no programming skills. Java Developers and Eclipse users may find this session too basic and boring.
Playback Link:

Session 2: May 10, 2007
Custom Components – It will cover some basic concepts about custom components, both MXML and ActionScript varieties. You’ll learn how to make simple to medium level custom components in this two hour session. If you want to learn about components and find out what they are, this is for you.
Playback Link:

Session 3: June 14, 2007
Charting Basics – It will cover some basic concepts about charting and explore some of the built-in charting options.
Playback Link:

Session 4: July 12, 2007
Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3 – It will cover how to create a component in Flash CS3 and then bring it into a Flex Project.
Playback Link:

Series I
Session 1: November 9, 2006
Flex Builder Tour, Using Base Components, Extending Components, Custom Components, Forms in Flex vs HTML/CFML, and more.
Playback Link:

Session 2: December 14, 2006
Debugger, HTTP/XML requests and more
Playback Link:

Session 3: January 11, 2007
Web Services (really this time!) and Events
Playback Link:

Session 4: February 8, 2007
Effects, States and runtime CSS
Playback Link:

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