Tom Ortega II


I like to write.  In particular, I like to write things that help people learn.  The links below are a sampling of my work.  Written communication is a strong point of mine as demonstrated by being published on Adobe’s main website, in addition to being a paid contributor to its Edge Newsletter.

I’ll have to track down all the stuff I’ve written as there’s a lot out there on the ‘net. When I do track it down, it’ll show up here.

Flex Items from the website

Graduating from Hack from Architected Development (Links no longer available. Sorry!): You can hack a Flex app together with spaghetti code or you can architect a Flex app using an MVC framework like Cairngorm. I demonstrate how you can move from one to the other.

Overview of Custom Component Changes in Adobe Flex 4 Beta (link): At a high level, creating custom components in Flex 4 has changed since Flex 3.  I point out some of those differences. Note: This is based on the Beta release, so some of the info maybe incorrect in the Flex 4 final release due to changes in Flex 4.

Create custom components for your Flex application (link): I show 3 ways to create custom components in Flex.

Three reasons to try Adobe Flex 3 (link): I give 3 simple reasons why to try Flex 3.

Flex primer for Flash users (link): I help Flash users understand what Flex is.

Dreamweaver Items from the website

An introduction to InContext Editing with Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 (link): An introduction to the InContext Editing product offered by Adobe, that allows people to manage content without the need for a CMS or software other than a browser.

A guide to Subversion integration in Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 (link): I give step-by-step instructions on how to use the Subversion integration found within Dreamweaver CS4.

How to use Spry widgets in Dreamweaver CS3 (Part 1 Part 2): I explain how to use some of the dynamic UI elements found within the Spry Framework, mainly the Spry Menu Bar, Spry Tabbed Panels, Spry Accordion, and Spry Collapsible Panel widgets.

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