eBay’s Offline Brand

Tiffany has the blue box, Nordstrom has the bags, Amazon has the smiley boxes and eBay has? Nuttin’.

I was walking the halls of eBay this morning and noticed a fellow employee walking with her Nordstrom bag, advertising for all to see where she shops.

eBay doesn’t have that. We have absolutely friggin’ nothing. How are we going to expand our offline presence, when we have nothing to offer?

Now, it would hurt our bottom line to provide anything to the sellers/buyers, i.e. bags, boxes, etc. However, the average seller doesn’t have a world-class marketing department to help it design something as important as that, but eBay does.

Why not offer help where we can? We can present, display, offer for download, etc. the designs for tons of these products (boxes, cards, brochures, bags, etc.) These could all be unified in appearance, but still leave room for personalization by the seller. The seller could then take the product to a manufacturer/printer and buy the supplies of their choice.

Imagine the smiles of pleasure that would appear on people’s faces when they looked on their porch or into their mail boxes and saw something wrapped up in eBay branded materials. They’ll immediately know it’s something good and something they wanted.

I think there’s an opportunity here that eBay is squandering.

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