ASDoc: What comments get used and where do they go?

Josh Buhler was tweeting about ASDoc on Twitter. ASDoc is a little rough to get going, mainly because it’s command-line driven (unless you use Farata Systems Eclipse plugin). I’m not going to get into syntax and such in this post. Instead, Josh wanted a sneak peak at the two files I have on my hard drive. I reckoned if he wanted a peek, some other ASDoc’r would too. Therefore, I’m posting it here for all to view.

What is it?

Basically, the zip has two files of code: 1 mxml file (MXMLTest.mxml) and 1 AS file ( There’s no real code in these files, but there are ASDocs in em. Some start “Used:” while others start with “Ignored:”. The point is to see which ASDoc tags get used and which ones get ignored depending on their location in each of the file types. I keep this posted on my wall and if I have a question, I can glance at them and see when and were to add an ASDoc.

The zip also has the compiled ASDoc output in the ASDocTest folder. To view the output, just unzip the folder and double click the index.html in the ASDocTest folder. Then open to .mxml and .as files in FlexBuilder to see which tags show up in which places.

If you have any questions, let me know. The zip file can be found here:

Note on June 23, 2008: The file has been reuploaded.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

2 thoughts on “ASDoc: What comments get used and where do they go?

  1. Hi Tom. You did not touch the problem that private methods are not destilled into the ASDoc. Also Adobe does not support @author and @version afaik. Thx anyway.

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