My 1st Year Anniversary with eBay

It’s hard to believe that a full year has gone by since I started at eBay. I can still remember flying in for the interview and being all starry-eyed as I walked through the eBay Park Campus. This place, both physical and metaphorical, is where history happened. The world changed when eBay went live and it’s never going to be the same. Luckily, a lil of that life changing magic rubbed off on me.

I came to eBay a bit unsure of myself. I had begun to doubt whether or not I was a good employee. My last job made me feel pretty much useless, despite being the senior member on the team. I thought it was me. eBay saw something in me, so that boosted my spirits a bit. It took a good few months before I finally broke out of my “shell”. While my first day of work was November 29, 2006, my first real day as a True eBay Employee in the utmost sense wasn’t until March. I became involved with the “NOC Workbench” project and jumped headlong into the Flex 2 Beta. Out of the Flex 2 beta, I got involved with Silvafug. Out of Silvafug, I got involved with Free Flex Training. Out of Free Flex Training, I got involved with 360Flex.

All in all, not a bad year’s worth of work. And yes, just in case you’re wondering, I still walk around the eBay campus with starry eyes. To be honest, I probably always will.

2 thoughts on “My 1st Year Anniversary with eBay

  1. Tom,
    How can you not feel starry eyed? eBay is one of the pioneers of new technology put wisely and successfully to use. They did not just do well…they exploded. The other copy cat sites do OK but “eBay Rules”!

  2. Hi
    am a final IT student.ebay is coming for our campus for d first time this yr.can u tel me wat they expect from us? strong in algo,unix,scripting?

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