My 360Flex Cairngorm Session – What do you want?

Hi Folks,

I’m doing the Cairngorm Session on Monday and was wondering, what do you all want to hear? I have like a bazillion ways to take the talk. I’ll list a few, then you can choose. By all means however, post your own ideas if you would like.

Here’s my ideas, in random order with commentary :

  1. Straight up – This is Cairngorm
    This talk would cover what cairngorm is. No code other than the framework. I feel that this has been overdone, but I’ll do it y’all want.
  2. Simple App Gone Cairngorm
    It would be nice to see why you need Cairngorm. A lot of people get the idea of frameworks, but would be at a loss to convert their apps. I could take a simple app that has “gone ugly” and make it “frameworky pretty.” I could do a lot of pre/post Cairngorm code comparisons.
  3. Cairngorm @ eBay
    While technically, the talk will be @ eBay. I was thinking more along the lines of Cairngorm in action at eBay. I could show what we’re doing with Cairngorm inside eBay.
  4. eBay Pre/Post Cairngorm
    This would just be a mix of ideas 2 and 3 from above.

Those are the few paths I was thinking of taking. Please, please give me some feedback and let me know what you want. I don’t want the twitter chatter to be, “This dude is boring!”, ” We’ve heard this crap already!” or “This isn’t really very useful.”

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

9 thoughts on “My 360Flex Cairngorm Session – What do you want?

  1. We are developing a large enterprise application and would like to use Cairngorm & FDS. Was wondering if u have an example that demonstrate Cairngorm+FDS+Hibernate that uses an object graph.


  2. How much time is your presentation? If you have enough time, a strong introduction to the framework, followed by a hands on demonstration would be helpful.

    One thing I’ve often wondered about the Cairngorm framework is how do I judge when to use it and when to not? So far in all my Flex 2 applications I’ve not used Cairngorm, but I feel that as my applications become more complex that Cairngorm might be useful.

  3. I vote for option #2. I think these things work better with a custom demo app. rather than a “real world” example. If you can point us to the source ahead of time, that’s even better!

    I’m definitely interested in Cairngorm, though I’ve never used it. Here are some questions I have:
    1. What is the impact on download size and performance?
    2. Is it possible to only use parts of it? How?
    3. Most of my stuff is client based, or only has minimal communication with a server via XML. Is Cairngorm still worth it for me?
    4. I generally don’t use frameworks because a) I think it’s important to understand how things work under the hood and b) they add an extra layer of complexity to the application. Can you change my mind?
    5. Can you show the details me how I would set up an event handling mechanism for an app.?

  4. Tom, #2 is the way to go. I think people hear a lot about Cairngorm, and ‘feel’ that it’s probably good – but haven’t gotten into it because they want to just conquer getting good at straight up Flex before venturing into new levels.

    Everyone has probably heard alot about Frameworks, and their purpose, and all that…so skip #1.

    Seeing how to take an app and Cairngormify it helps demystify what all this Cairgngorm stuff is all about. It’s all about what knowledge can I absorb from Tom, go back to my desk, and apply what I’ve seen.

  5. I vote for #2 as well. I’d be really interested in #4 as a summary or an aside. Considering #4 is really a mash of #2 & #3 then I guess you should do all of them except #1.

    hmm… Now I’m thinking my comment just wasted several peoples time. ;o)

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