Flex code (read: my Tic-Tac-Toe game) on my Playstation 3!

You fair readers of my blog may remember a post from waaaaaay back in the day entitled Playstation 3.  In it, I talk about being excited to run Flex Apps on my PS3.  Sadly, my pretty HD console only ran Flash Player 7, so Flex was not an option.  At MAX, I saw a big fat PS3 image and was hoping that Kevin Lynch would say, “Flash Player 9 is now on the Playstation 3!”  He didn’t so I assumed it wasn’t yet.  Then Renaun posted this!  Adobe has issues about making noise sometimes.  How did the blogosphere not light up on this news?  Well, maybe it did, but I somehow missed it.

Naturally, I went and did what the PS3 was meant to do: Play a game!  In this case, it was my very own Tic-Tac-Toe game.  Check it out!

This is great news.  That means with Flash Player 9, you can now develop a game once and run it on 4 different platforms: Windows, Macintosh, Linux and now Playstation 3.  What other game dev environment gives you that capability?  I’m so excited about this, that I’m gonna try to push the rest of my Tic-Tac-Toe dev through the fast track this month.  No more travelling for me, so I should be able to.  Once I wrap up the Tic-Tac-Toe project, I can move on to a more exciting game.

Another interesting thing is that with the PS3, up to 7 people can play the same Flash game in the same room.  All controllers are active at the same time, so there’s no “gimme the control” fighting (unless you’re cheap and only have one controller!).  I think that’s a new interactive experience we’ve never had with the Flash player before.  More on that in another post though.

If you know of any cool Flash games I should try on the PS3, let me know!  I’ll be hitting up playcrafter.com soon to see how it fares.

4 thoughts on “Flex code (read: my Tic-Tac-Toe game) on my Playstation 3!

  1. That’s one of the most inspirational tic-tac-toe games I’ve seen because it leads to something much deeper about the Flash Platform in a consumer device. At MAX, Adobe highlighted the use-case of multi-screen applications. What kind of programs can we design to run on the PS3, and just listen to commands given to it by an application on a laptop?

    Anyway, regarding games on the PS3: I’ve written a lot of games for the PS3. (That’s fun to say now!) You can check out my snake that I wrote for Flash 7. It’s a fun one for the Playstation because it features inverse kinematics. It’s very CPU-intensive so it’s a good one to use for performance comparisons between platforms. I keep this application right here: http://hgarland.com/profile

  2. @Harry I’ve wondered the same thing about the commands. I’m sure we just get the same basic Flash events and not any special controller events. I hope I’m wrong, but since it’s running in a browser, I’m pretty sure that’s all we get.

    I’ll give the snake game a try tonight, after I give playcrafter a spin.

  3. Whilst it would be great to have 7 people playing a game not many games (if any) attract that level of involvement now. Flash on the PS3 is awesome, if you know of a directory or site listing them please let me know. Thanks.

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