Conference Time

I don’t get to travel to many conferences much these days. When I was helping run 360Conferences, we were always going to them because we were running them. 🙂 However, I find myself traveling less nowadays. April will be the exception though, I’ll be going to 3 conferences that I’m sure will be great!

First off, there is DevConnect, a conference dedicated to the future of the web: video and mobile. This one day show will take place on April 2 in NYC. I’m slowly becoming a pure mobile convert. Other than programming and blogging, everything I do on a computer I do on my iPhone. My iPhone is not only my primary internet connection, but it’s also my primary camera (for stills and videos). All of this points me to the fact that mobile is the future and desktop will be for the few heavy lifting tasks we rarely do. I’ll even go out on a limb and say someday, I’ll probably blog and program on my mobile device even.

I think mobile devices will forever change the fabric of society. Aside from the obnoxious users at dinner or the movies, I mean they will bring about change for the better. It will change how we perceive the world and how we see our place in it. I think the start of that will be when these devices help bind us together with those in our local communities. Desktops kept us locked in offices or sitting in chairs in the den. Mobile allows us to explore our surroundings, meet new friends and help take care of our neighborhoods in ways not possible a few years ago.

I’ll be presenting at DevConnect. I’ll be showing a proof of concept app. Utilizing the Kaltura platform, my presentation will cover how we can put the “local” back into local news. Again, this will draw us closer to our neighbors and, as a by-product, help bring down this mass media trap we’ve fallen into.

Next up, April 15-18 is 360|Flex. This show will always have a special place in my heart. John and I gave birth 360|Flex, back in the fall of 2006. I have a lot of good friends in the Flex community and it’ll be great to see them again. John still runs the show amazingly well, proving that I must’ve been a useless cog getting in his way of doing this conference thing. 🙂

Flex is still a huge role in my daily dev work. The need for good Flex devs hasn’t stopped, regardless of what Adobe has decided to do with the technology. Companies realize that it’s still one of the best ways to deliver a solution, so they’re sticking with the technology. The work is out there and plenty, so if you’re wondering whether to continue with Flex, I’d say definitely. There’s still a lot of life left in it.

Lastly, I’ll be going to Vegas at the end of the month for MicroConf 2012. This will be my first time attending MicroConf. The show is basically about entrepreneurs that want to keep their businesses small. Note that doesn’t mean small profits, just either running the show all alone or with a tiny group of people. It’s interesting to me because that’s how I see the future of business. Sure, sure, we’ll always have some huge businesses for some things, but I honestly see a lot more tiny businesses springing up (and succeeding) in the future. One of which is me. I’ve operated a one man consulting company for a few years now and before that it was John and I running 360Conferences. I’m looking forward to learning from the speakers who have experienced massive success and insightful failures. I prefer that other folks make the mistakes and I just learn from them.

There you have it. You can join me at the first two and I hope you do. The last one, however, is sold out. I’ll be there, probably being a little more reclusive than I was in the past. I live out in the sticks now, so I don’t get out much among big groups. Therefore, I lean more and more towards my introvert tendencies now than when I lived out in Silicon Valley. It wasn’t that I was extroverted back then, I was just better at playing the part. 🙂

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