Bye Twitter

"Twitter, you're dead to me."
“Twitter, you’re dead to me.”

I have another post in draft that I’m working on, but I needed to get this out of the way pronto.

I was with twitter for quite sometime, but realized that they’re not really here for me. They’re here to make money off of selling my data to advertisers. That’s cool. That’s their biz and I can’t blame them for trying to make a buck. I run my own business, I know how that goes.

However, I don’t like it nor the way they treat 3rd party developers. Therefore, I signed up for App.Net, which is an alternative to twitter that you pay for. The purpose of paying is so knows who its serving: you – the user, not them – the advertisers. I like the idea, so I paid for it awhile back while it was prelaunching. Thing is, I never gave up the twitter.

Shame on me.

I didn’t put my mouth where my money is. Instead, I kept being a lemming and kept on tweeting. Thing is, I tweeted back in the day when only a few of my professional friends were on twitter and it was fun. Now, I realize that the same friends I followed then are on as well. Therefore, I’m making the switch.

This blog post is for my lazy twitter friends. Eventually, they’ll say, “Hey, why hasn’t Tom tweeted anything lately?” Then they’ll head over to my timeline, see my last tweet with a link to this, read it and know where to find me.

Some people may ask, “But what if they don’t look at your last tweet to track you down?” Well, then it’s pretty obvious that those people and I weren’t having a conversation to begin with. 🙂

Am I giving up on all other social media sites/communities? No. The answer to that is complicated but basically what it boils down to is this: I used twitter as my platform/soapbox for random thoughts, ideas and sharing things. It went hand in hand with my blog in my eyes. If it was short, it went on twitter. If it was long, it went on my blog. Sure I conversed with people I follow and with people who followed me, but it was primarily seen as an outlet in my mind. An outlet that in the end doesn’t look out for me. looks out for me, that’s why I’ve been with them for ages and will likely continue to stay with them. has said it will look after me and I believed them so much, I paid ’em. Therefore, I now have to go get my money’s worth.

Follow me over here at

See you there!

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