Fixing Work Life Balance

When I shared my last post on twitter, people asked how they could fix work life balance now vs later. That’s a tough question to answer because everyone is different. However, I think a lot of people just need to have some idea of what to do outside of work. I know that sounds sad, but our society doesn’t give people ideas on how to unwind other than hit a bar, get drunk/high and then pass out.

The conference to help you find something to do with your life away from the computer.
The conference to help you find some way to recharge your life’s batteries.

Recharging Life’s Batteries

There are tons of better ways to recharge your life’s batteries. Luckily for you, there’s even a conference dedicated to helping you discover some of those ways. It’s called 360|Intersect and it’s put on by my old biz partner, John Wilker. In regards to the show, he says,”Give us a weekend, we’ll change your life”

Like all 360|Conferences events, the goal is to leave you better off after the show than you were on the day you arrived. Normally, it’s by filling your head with technical facts about the iOS SDK or how to be a good business person in the iOS ecosystem. 360|Intersect is filled with speakers that do amazing things when they’re away from the computer, so they inspire you to try what they do or give you that spark to find your own thing.


The most amazing part of most conferences is the hallway chatter between attendees, speakers, sponsors and even the conference organizer. That’s where 360Conferences excel. To put it into perspective, Doug McCune was at our first tech show and it changed his life. In the opening keynote, he sat next to someone who wound up become his employer that has allowed him to grow in ways he didn’t think possible. Doug also attended the first 360|Intersect event where he met Josh Michaels, another speaker. Two years later, Doug is doing an exhibit of his artwork he described in his 360|Intersect talk at a gallery owned and ran by Josh.

It’s chance encounters like these which make it important to go to events to figure out life’s mysteries vs sitting at home, flicking through the endless cable channels, twitter stream and Facebook feeds. It takes putting yourself out there to get a better result than just venturing through this journey alone.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

If it’s so good, why not sponsor some people to go? I am. I told my team over at Omega Ortega that I’d pay for them to go to this event. One already recharges by coaching his daughter’s soccer team so he can’t make it. I’ve already promised my wife that weekend so she can recharge her batteries doing something she likes. Therefore, I’ll give away two tickets to the show. I’ll pick up the tab and ask that you just blog, tweet, Facebook how it affects your life.

Feel free to find me on twitter or email me to make your case. Sadly, I can only pay for your ticket. You’ll still need to get yourself to San Francisco and find a place to stay. Someday, I’ll make it all expense paid giveaway, but today ain’t that day.  LOL

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