The Flex Team has spoken… build more components!

I went to the “Meet the Flex Team” event last night. How friggin’ awesome is that? Flex 2 and Apollo are creating a revolution in the web space. Not only do we have the chance to participate in the revolution, but we have the power to alter the gameplan.

I’m amazed at the transparency of this group. I can only remember one other time where I was able to chat with a program team. It was for a small product from American Express and the results were amazing. To be able to influence how a program will be built is truly a one of a kind experience. If you weren’t there last night, you missed a chance to help build something special.

After we gave our list of demands, I asked what we, the community, could do to help out. Besides the obvious donations of mad cash (which, strangely, I’m all out of), the biggest thing they want from us is custom components. I know y’all are clamoring for new components and want the Flex Team to make ’em for us, but it’s time we stepped up. Let’s answer the call to duty. Ted’s already ahead of the curve and has set up a Y! group for component builders. Sign up and start answering the call.

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