Yes, I was one of those nuts who waited for a PlayStation3 on launch day. I chose the Metreon in San Francisco as my spot, and that was luxurious until midnight when they stopped feeding us. All in all, a 24 hour wait in line ’til I left with my black PlayStation3 bags.

Like my good friend Miguel put it, “But why did you do that? You don’t even game.” To prove his point even more, launch day was almost a month ago and it’s taken me this long to start messing with my PS3. Before tonight, I watched the free Blu-Ray movie and checked out the photo slideshow, but that was about it.

Today, I tried out Resistance: Fall of Man. I have to admit. It was pretty fun. The graphics are nice, but not mind blowing. I haven’t gotten very far, but there’s some fun things in the game already like controlling a tank and taking over some mega-guns to shoot the enemies. The online gaming feature was fun too, but that’s not why I bought a PS3.

Instead, I’m excited for something I ordered today: Yellow Dog Linux for the PS3. I’m excited about this for many reasons. This will be my first tinkering with Linux. More importantly though, I’ll get to program for the Cell processor. Now, I’m not sure how much of the processor I’ll be able to program for (I keep reading conflicting stories), but I hope all of it. For some reason, the Cell processor just has this pull on me.

Another neat thing too is that the PS3 runs Flash from the GameOS. I’m trying to figure out which version so I can build stuff for it. I’m know it’s not version 9, but I hope they get a v9 player soon. I’d like to develop some Flex stuff to browse from the PS3.

All in all, pretty exciting stuff…as far as a computer nerd is concerned. LOL

5 thoughts on “PlayStation3

  1. I hate to break it to you dude, but the FP on the PS3 is in no way FP9, it’s a custom player built by Sony, to the FP7 spec.

    Adobe/Macromedia and Sony have this weird relationship with regards to the Flash Player, Sony don’t like being tied into other people’s software so pay for the liceince to develop their own, it’s not cheap btw. The results are never the same and to be honest, developing Flash stuff for the PS3 looks like a bit of a minefield.

    I would be interested to hear what you can manage to get working, and even what results you get when you hit a site with a FP version detection script on it.

    Good luck tho, looks like it’ll be a while before I can look forward to the cold wait for my PS3 here in the UK.


  2. The main Adobe Flash Player site says it’s not a supported platform. =( Post a link to a site with another detection script and I’ll post my results.

    FP 7? Not even 8! It’ll be tough but I’m up to the task. =) I’ll definitely keep you posted on results.


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