Building Community Virtually

Tonight I’ll be discussing ways with which to build community virtually. While I am a huge fan of face-to-face meetings, it simply is not always possible. I do a lot of administrative tasks for both Silvafug and 360Conferences virtually. Also, John and I strive hard to build the 360Flex community not only physically (when we have the conferences) but also virtually between conferences. I’ll be talking about how technologies such as blogs, IM, etc. help to accomplish that task.

You can see a more detailed write-up over at Daniel’s Blog. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention one minor detail. The event will take place inside Second Life. I’ll admit that I’m new to Second Life, but am exciting about some of the social opportunities that this new medium presents.

See you there!

One thought on “Building Community Virtually

  1. Hey Tom,

    Thanks for the rocking presentation you did last night. We must have been doing something right because we had 2 griefers. I know it was last minute, but you delivered as always with excellent commentary and content. I personally picked up a few things out of the presentation which I can use in my efforts. If I counted write 5 out of the 7 members of my graduate course in Immersive Worlds were there, plus many more. I hope that you get some comments and more interaction w/ the people who attended.

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