Future of ActionScript (via ECMAScript) and language talk

Josh wrote up a nice post on the proposed ECMAScript 4 language. He basically took the 40-page spec and ripped out the juicy parts for all to see.

It’s funny to me the path of languages. Every language evolves over time. This evolution includes supporting functions/classes that are found in older languages. These languages become all the rage, then become old and lose out to newer language upstarts. Those upstarts in turn then take the time to evolve and garner all the functionality of the older languages.

Granted, I’m simplifying things greatly. Sure each language brings something new to the table, lest why would we abandon the old ones to begin with? Things become faster and older concepts can be implemented in cooler, more efficient ways.

The things that I’ve been hearing lately is that horizontal scaling is becoming more important than vertical scaling. Meaning, instead of writing code that uses a processor at 100% for 1 second. You need to learn to write your code so that it can parse that work to 100 processors that take 10 milliseconds each to compute it’s part. That’s why I bought my PS3 last year. If life ever settles down long enough, I hope to be able to learn to how create apps that utilize all the cores in the Cell processor like the Interactive Ray Tracing (IRT) app. This youtube vid shows the IRT in action and visually shows each processor in use. Friggin’ sweet.

Yeah, Flash player is single threaded, but Flash/Flex ain’t everything, right? Plus, Adobe has smart folks. They’ll figure out something to utilize those multi-core processors out there, besides video encoding. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Future of ActionScript (via ECMAScript) and language talk

  1. I think ECMAScript 4 involves quite amount of hacks to get OOP working in none OOP ( prototype) based language, that hurts developers a bit, but at any rate ECMAScript 4 is still quite a language I am very very happy with it. its funny though now it became kind of hybrind prototype and OOP language? as far as I see Adobe is not encouraging to use prototypes , instead all attention is on new full OOP support, but on other hand its seriously lacking reflection/introspection support.

  2. Yeah, I wonder if Adobe is pushing the OOP aspect of ECMAScript or just taking the org’s decision and running with it. I agree with you though, that it does seems strange to have a hybrid language and only emphasize one aspect.

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