Points of Future via MAX keynote

There are many ideas being presented today.  I’ll try to highlight a few and also add some personal thoughts.

The youth of today are important.  It’s important to provide them the tools they need to express themselves, or else they’ll find other ways.  To kick off the show with some of today’s creative youth was awesome.

Content is no longer one sided.  One point hinted out early on is that content is no longer the domain of one group.  Today’s web users are just as excited to create content as they are to consume it.  You need to plan for that fact.

It’s important to not just build great websites or ads, but to also know how your customers think and behave.  I know that I would like sites to be smarter about me.  I’m tired having to re-explain myself to each website/company.

The next point is that full version Flash is coming everywhere: desktops, netbooks, smartphones and TVs.  The biggest problem was RAM usage.  It’s a true dilemma for Adobe and device manufactures.  I, as a techie, realize that devices and computers aren’t equal in power and ram.  However, my mom doesn’t understand that.  Most of the public just assume that a machine is a machine.

Touch, gestures, accelerometer, etc. are important to the future of User Interfaces.  This was obvious before the keynote.  Apple’s iPhone has proved that people love this new way to interact with devices. As an owner of an iPod touch, I have to admit that the first time I tried gestures, I fell in love.  My 3 year-old understands gestures with no training or explaining.  Using a mouse is not intuitive at all, so the sooner we can get rid of it, the better.

Enterprise applications are tired of being second rate apps.  Up until recently, enterprise applications have been boring as all heck.  The important thing was the numbers, more so than the experience.  As Web 2.0 interactivity has become part of people’s everyday lives, so has the need to duplicate this richness in the enterprise.  Employees in an enterprise are just people who cruise the web at home.  This is a long-overdue trend that I’m glad to see transpiring.  Rich is good and it’s about time we begin to leverage concepts from the real world into the enterprise.

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